LTS Releases New Updates to Jobs App



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Focus your search criteria & apply to jobs in one tap!

LTS Releases New Updates to Jobs App

March 27, 2015 – Los Angeles, California based LTS is proud to announce updates to their LTS Jobs App with new one touch mobile job search and instant push notifications.

The LTS Jobs app was originally released in 2011, and this new update offers a more proactive approach in assisting job seekers by allowing a unique “one tap” job application. Upgraded features allows users to upload their resumes directly from their mobile devices and instantly apply to jobs with a tap of their finger.

 “By leveraging technology in this capacity, the app utilizes APIs to communicate with our internal Applicant Tracking System thereby allowing our Recruiters to see who applied to which job, and when. Each applicant is then assigned a unique ID, which in one click, opens the candidate’s resume, parses his/her profile into our database and allows for immediate tracking to begin.” - Cyrus Bolden, Co-Founder and Chair of Technology

 An additional feature of the App is the ability to set custom search criteria based on industry preference, market sectors, and job title. Users have the option to filter based on specific career focuses such as: Information Governance, Knowledge Management, Cyber Security, Trial Support, Digital Forensics. Users can also filter based on their preferred working environment,: Fortune 500 Corporation, Government, Law Firm Litigation Support, Vendor, or Software Manufacturer. Or job title: eDiscovery Attorney, eDiscovery Consulting, Document Review, Paralegal, Contract Attorney.

 “The face of recruiting has changed. Job seekers are leveraging technology to customize their search preferences. Instead of searching for a job or waiting for a call from a recruiter, our LTS Jobs app puts the power in the hands today’s tech savvy job seeker- allowing the ideal job come to them”-  explains Evanna Shaffer, Co-Founder and Chair of Marketing

With recent industry predictions, such as the Gartner forecast which estimates that the eDiscovery industry will reach $2.9 Billion by 2017, it’s little wonder the job market within eDiscovery and Cyber Security is at an all-time high, and job seekers may be overwhelmed with the plethora of opportunities available at their fingertips.

 “The idea is to focus and simplify. We see this App as a tool to assist in filtering, once you’ve determined the ideal job you are seeking. Before beginning any search, the key is to ‘Know Thyself’, and that’s the value we provide as educated career coaches. We help you discover your strengths, likes and dislikes, and offer guidance in helping you align with a career and company that allows you to be your best.” -- adds Evanna

 The recruiting team at LTS is comprised of former eDiscovery and IT professionals with extensive hands-on experience in this industry.

 “We have long-standing relationships and are in constant contact with the top players in our fields, so we have a unique inside perspective into industry shifts - usually before the news is made public. In addition, our team is comprised of professionals who have worked in these industries prior to transitioning into recruiting, so the career advice we offer is based on real-world experience.”  - – explains Mike Hanley, Recruiting Sales Manager

Technology will never replace human-to-human interaction, but the LTS Jobs App can assist in filtering job opportunities, and alert you the instant your ideal job opens up.

LTS considers the shift to mobile an extension of their dedication to personalized communication. "A missed opportunity could cost you that dream job, so why not stay connected? It’s the way of the future, and you owe it to yourself to capitalize on the best opportunity, whenever it becomes available.” adds Cyrus

LTS is a staff augmentation and consulting firm that has carved out a niche in an emerging market where Legal and Technology overlap. They maintain a dedicated focus in the highly specialized fields of E-Discovery, Litigation Support, Digital Forensics, Cyber Security and Information Technology.

To download the free LTS Jobs app on iTunes, click here.

To download the free LTS Jobs app on Android Play Store, click here.

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