Will the New Apple Watch Withstand Cyber Attacks?



Posted in News on 18.04.15

Will the New Apple Watch Withstand Cyber Attacks?

April 24, 2015, is a red-letter day on the calendar for technology enthusiasts in nine different countries spanning four different continents. Loyal Apple users have been chomping at the bit for each new Apple product since the Apple II emerged in 1977. Now, almost four decades later, the company is distributing its most intriguing product yet: the Apple smart watch. Although the watch must be synced with the iPhone to be used, it can accomplish nearly every task that iPhone users have been doing on their mobiles, including making a payment at the check-out stand or balancing their bank account, which raises an important concern in the midst of all the hype: is it safe from cyber attacks?

According to a recent Citigroup report, breaches in cyber security are definitely on the rise. The watch’s ability to engage in business makes it a prime target for a cyber attack. With various apps that give its users the ultimate “business on the go” lifestyle such as mobile payment for their parking and invoicing clients while out of the office, opportunities for predators abound. Traditionally, Apple products enjoy a reputation for resisting cyber intrusions with certain security features that are both built-in and optional (such as PINs and encryption). Will the watch be able to resist these attacks, as well?

Since the watch has proven to be user-friendly and is definitely the latest word in business “fashion” trends, small businesses may be tempted to introduce the watch to their personnel and encourage its use on the job. While the staff may enjoy sporting the latest in mobile technology, a wise business owner would do well to take certain precautions to protect the company from potential cyber intrusion.  

Security Measures to Consider

Are employees going to be allowed to bring their own mobile devices to the job? A watch can easily be overlooked as something much more than a time piece: the new watch is going to pose the same challenges that personal iPhones and iPads present. What can be done to avoid compromising the company’s security?

-Consider revising your current company policy regarding the use of personal mobile devices on the job to include the smart watch as well. For example, a clear statement needs to be in place addressing how company data will be handled in the case of employee termination or resignation.

-Will the employees be allowed to use the watch for personal use while on the job (especially in the area of social networking)? Then strong passwords and firewalls must be strictly enforced to help protect company data from intrusion, especially via casual file sharing and attachments.

-Will you be uploading company data to the iCloud? Employees need to take the necessary precautions that company policy demands to be sure the transmission is done securely.

Cyber Security Help is Available

As with any new mobile product, only time will tell the watch’s greatest assets and weaknesses. One way to investigate the potential for cyber threats to your company before they have an opportunity to wreak havoc is to consult a team of experts that has a proven track record in hardening and defending computer networks. One such company is Legal Technology Solutions (LTS).  

LTS has the knowledge, experience and resources to assist a management team with obtaining the absolute best in cyber security. It is a leading provider of rare, highly specialized, professionals within the Litigation Support, E-Discovery, Cyber Security, and Digital Forensic industries. Its team members are educated career counselors who are on the front line of the Digital Revolution.   

The team includes Intrusion Detection Specialists who work as Ethical Hackers and Penetration Testers to determine which areas would be compromised if a malicious attack were to occur.  The team can test your infrastructure’s Mobile Device Management policy and locate potential vulnerabilities that may threaten your network defense. They can also assist your organization with developing policies and procedures to avoid intrusion. In addition, Computer Security Incident Responders work quickly to perform triage and reduce the response time when an actual attempt is made to compromise network security.

If your company would like to discuss your cyber security needs with a professional who can help meet them, you can find assistance at the LTS website.  

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