Core Competencies

Positions we place:

*Not a complete list, job titles may vary slightly

Litigation Support  / Practice Support

Litigation Support Analyst

Litigation Support Specialist

Litigation Support Project Manager

Litigation Support Coordinator

Litigation Support Manager

Regional Litigation Support Manager

Firm-Wide Manager of Litigation Support

Firm-Wide Director of Litigation Support

Trial Technology Specialist

Trial Graphics Specialist

Litigation Support Software Trainer

Document Review Attorney

Electronic Data Discovery (EDD)

E-Discovery Consultant

E-Discovery Processor

E-Discovery Analyst

E-Discovery Data/Document Analyst

E-Discovery Coder/Scanner

E-Discovery Project Manager

E-Discovery Engineer

E-Discovery Manager

E-Discovery Supervisor

Technical Services Specialist

Client Service Manager

QA Manager

Director of Operations

Director of E-Discovery


Computer Forensics

Computer Forensic Analyst / Specialist / Engineer

CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional)

CIFI - (Certified Information Forensics Investigator)

CCE - (Certified Computer Examiner)

CFA - (Certified Forensic Analyst)

CFE - (Certified Fraud Examiner)

CIH - (Certified Incident Handler)

CIA - (Certified Intrusion Analyst)

Information Technology

Help Desk

Desktop Support

System Administrator

Project Manager

Network Engineer (LAN/WAN)

Software Engineer

Web Developer

Web Content Administrator

Database Administrator (DBA)

Software Trainer

IT Manager

IT Director

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO)