E-Discovery Salary Study

Detailed Analysis of Hiring Trends Across the E-Discovery Industry

E-Discovery Salary Study


LTS – Legal Technology Staffing released its 2013 Salary Study, a US Market Analysis of the hiring trends in the Electronic Discovery, Litigation Support, and Digital Forensic marketplace. 

Data was gathered and analyzed over a twelve (12) month period, and drawn from over 5,000 individual, one-on-one qualification interviews with industry professionals as well as actual employment offer letters garnered.

LTS, a Los Angeles-based contract labor procurement and permanent hire staff augmentation firm which caters to the Legal Technology industry, collects information regarding all forms of compensation including base salaries, benefits, and variable pay such as performance-based income (incentive bonuses and overtime pay) from industry professionals who apply to jobs within the Electronic Discovery industry, as well as corporations and law firms who engage with them to recruit talent.  Contained within the study is an analysis of gateway career paths leading into E-Discovery, compensation by industry sector, US markets which lead in hiring, as well as an analysis of the impact that education and certifications have on earning potential, and more specifically; which ones command the highest pay.

“This industry is experiencing explosive growth across multiple verticals which can often lead to confusion among job titles and associated duties. What law firms traditionally refer to as ‘Litigation Support’ or ‘Practice Support’ is frequently referred to as ‘E-Discovery’ in a corporate environment” – explains Evanna Shaffer, Director of Consulting Services. The confusion does not end there. “While in one firm, a Specialist may be senior to an Analyst, it is not uncommon to find the complete opposite at another law firm across town. There is no universally-agreed upon title – which is why it’s so important for employers and prospective employees to pay particularly close attention to job duties, and not title alone. This advice applies to both job seekers who are reviewing a job description, as well as hiring authorities who are reviewing resumes.”

To combat this challenge, LTS took a unique approach in their study: In addition to including the salary ranges for the top 30 US markets, they also included typical job duties, education, experience, and background which individuals typically possess when taking on these roles.

“We delved deep into the collected data. We analyzed the job duties, educational backgrounds, average years of experience, and average salaries of eDiscovery Counsel, Directors, Managers, Project Managers, Coordinators, Specialists, and Analysts. This was an incredible undertaking, but we know we’re working with reliable data. When displayed visually, our study illustrates the momentum eDiscovery is gaining as a new career field within this emerging market.” – says Cyrus Bolden, Director of Client Services.

Unlike traditional salary surveys that rely on answers to respondent questionnaires, the content of which cannot always be verified for accuracy, LTS gathered its data from actual in-person and telephonic interviews.  Additionally, LTS analyzed bona fide employment offer letters which they personally garnered on behalf of those they represented.

A veteran-owned, woman-owned, small business, LTS was established by a team of professionals with hands-on experience working within the Legal Technology industry. Recently awarded a Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) Contract (GS-35F-0649Y) under GSA Schedule 70, the privately-owned corporation was established in 2006, immediately following the amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure regarding Electronically Stored Information. Their network spans the globe and is comprised of the most highly sought after Cyber Security, Digital Forensics, Electronic Discovery, Litigation Support, and Information Governance professionals.