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E-Discovery Consultant, Litigation Support Specialist, Computer Forensics Examiner, Certified Information Systems Security Professional, these titles didn’t exist 10 years ago. It is understandable then, that for many firms and corporations, these are new job titles and job descriptions which may be non-existent or vague, at the very least.

LTS is the only search firm dedicated exclusively to the hiring needs within the E-Discovery, Litigation Support, and Computer Forensic industries.  As such, we have helped grow the internal staff of 165 firms within the AM LAW 250 list, 200+ service providers within the Socha Gelbman Survey, and 35 of America's Fortune 50 Corporations. With the worldwide spread of E-Discovery and Corporate Governance requirements, LTS has also recently expanded its servces to assisting many organizations within the Forbes Global 2000 List. We can help you in developing or refining your job descriptions, free of charge.

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