How To Attract Great Talent Without Breaking the Bank

How To Attract Great Talent Without Breaking the Bank

Capped out on your salary range?  An added benefit to working with LTS is that our team of industry experts can help you think of creative ways for attracting good talent WITHOUT having to offer more money.  Here are a few ideas to consider:


  • Does the position have a flexible work schedule?
  • Does the firm have a casual work environment, or casual Fridays?
  • Are there telecommuting/ work from home options?  (Even if it’s just 1 day per week).
  • Does your organization foster a laid back, less stressful working environment?
  • Does your company make allowance for family time, such as flexibility in leaving early for parent-teacher conferences, school events, little league games, etc?

Performance-based incentives:

  • Can you offer spot, performance or year-end bonuses?
  • Can you offer ‘”Above and Beyond” bonuses:
  1. Bonus for exceeding a billable hourly requirement
  2. Bonus for completing a production ahead of schedule
  3. Profit percentage for obtaining a new client or sale

Career Development:

  • Has your firm or corporation recently implemented a new technology or software tool?
  • Does your firm or corporation offer furthering education credit or reimbursement?
  • Will the firm or corporation pay for certifications in new technology tools?
  • Can your firm or corporation pay for attendance at industry conferences or trade shows?
  • What are the opportunities for career advancement within your organization?

Challenging Environment:

  • Does your culture foster a work hard, play hard attitude?
  • Is your department known as a “Think Tank Environment” – surrounded with top minds in the industry?
  • Will prospective talent be working within a technologically advanced department, utilizing the latest and greatest tools on the market?
  • Do you operate in a fast-paced environment where employees who love a challenge can learn a lot in a short period of time?

Fun Working Environment:

  • Does your firm or corporation sponsor or participate in community events? Softball league? Golfing events? Team-building community events?
  • Does your company offer solutions for stress relief?  Gym membership discounts? On-site masseuse? Ping pong or billiard tables, etc?
  • Can your organization sponsor free lunches once a week? Team-building happy hour? Free breakfast on Fridays?

What are YOUR company’s greatest selling points?

Let us help you think "outside the box" in identifying and effectively marketing your department’s greatest features, enabling you to attract top talent to your organization. Together, we can propel this industry forward! Call us today at: 310-374-1100.