How To Increase the Success of Your Search

How To Increase the Success of Your Search

Are you feeling tapped out on talent?  By partnering with LTS to fill your open requisition, we can offer suggestions to help you think “outside the box” when recruiting for top talent. For example, consider opening the parameters of your search.

Consider looking at candidates from Vendors.

Since Vendors perform the majority of the collections, processing and production work – candidates who have vendor experience usually have hands-on technical experience and are experts in the technology tools you use: Concordance, LAW, IPRO, Relativity, Clearwell, SQL, Perl or VB scripting techniques, etc.

Consider non-local talent.

Given the competition for jobs in today’s economic market, many candidates are willing to relocate at their own expense.

Many candidates have a compelling personal reason to relocate:

  • Desire to be closer to their hometown and/or family
  • Spouse has accepted a job transfer, so they will be moving anyway
  • Better schools for their children, more family-friendly neighborhoods
  • Life/circumstantial changes: Marriage, Divorce, Children, Empty-nesters
  • Desire for warmer/colder climate
  • Desire for larger/smaller city lifestyle

Consider hiring temporary staff. 

Temporary professionals can help you keep costs down and productivity up. Having worked in a variety of vendor, firm, corporate and/or software manufacturing environments, professionals who are accustomed to temporary, contract-based work usually possess a wider skill-set and have experience with specialized tools and techniques that can only be obtained by working through this diverse exposure.

Given unstable economic times, temporary staffing is an increasingly popular employment option to “try before you buy” and test out the employee before committing fully to hiring them, while giving the employee a chance to acclimate to the company and ensure a mutual “fit”. Hiring temporary staff is also a smart way to protect existing employee morale, providing a sense of job security to your most valuable team players.

To learn more about Temporary/Contract staffing, and other placement specialties offer by LTS, click here.