Placement Specialties

Placement Specialities

Placement Specialties

Temporary / Contract

The value of temporary employees in a tight economy

In today’s economic climate, even if you are tightening your budget or downsizing full-time staff, chances are, your workload isn't getting smaller – you're just doing the same amount of work, or more, with less. That's why it is a great time to consider temporary staffing.  Temporary professionals can help you keep costs down and productivity up.

We have relationships with industry professionals in all of our specialized practice areas that are qualified, pre-screened, background and reference checked and ready to begin working immediately. No matter how short-term or long-term your need is, we will find the best available talent when and where you need them and employ them on your behalf. You simply pay an hourly bill rate and we take care of the rest – a high-value solution providing ultimate flexibility.

  • Hire for a specific project or case. Whether your project is short-term (a few days) or long-term (years), LTS will provide experienced contractors who can jump in and provide immediate assistance.
  • Access to specialized expertise in hard-to-find disciplines. Has your organization recently implemented a new technology tool? Consider contracting a consultant through LTS who is certified in that tool, and can provide hands-on training and support to your team, answering questions, troubleshooting issues and assisting with real-world application until your team is ‘up to speed’ and feels confident running the tool on their own.
  • No training necessary. Our contract employees will arrive fully trained in the area of expertise needed.
  • Help Immediately. Our goal is to have a qualified candidate screened, background checked and ready for employment within 48 hours.  Contract employees can be most effective when you are trying to meet a tight deadline, or simply need assistance with completing specific projects or cases. LTS will only provide contract employees who are well-versed in the technology tools you are using, and who can ‘hit the ground running.’
  • Only pay for hours worked. If the employee does not work out for any reason, the client company does not pay.
  • Replacement for key employees during a leave of absence. If an employee takes time off for maternity or paternity leave, illness, medical attention, FMLA, or extended period of time for any other reason, you can hire a temporary replacement to ensure the work is completed until that key employee can return to his/her job.
  • No payroll costs. All employment-related costs are included in the billing rate. There are no additional expenses for holidays, vacation, sick time, FICA, SUTA, FUTA, general liability, worker’s compensation, or any other benefits.
  • Mitigate risk by shifting expense and liability associated with employment insurance, benefit costs, and taxes to LTS.
  • Hiring freeze? No problem. There are times when permanent employees cannot be hired, however the work still must be done.
  • No messy aftermath. If the employee does not work out for any reason, notify LTS and we will conduct the termination and file necessary paperwork.  Have no fear of looming EEO complaints.
  • Protect morale. When you reduce your full-time workforce, you run the risk of causing concern over job security and having your current employees proactively begin looking for a new job.  Flexible temporary staffing ensures you are never understaffed or underutilizing your most valuable employees. By supplementing your core full-time staff with skilled temporary workers, you can overcome challenges like cost containment and fluctuations in workload. When demand is up, you can count on your temporary workforce to help. And when demand drops, you can adjust your temporary workforce – not your full-time staff – and avoid morale problems.


An increasingly popular employment option to “try before you buy” and test out the employee before committing fully to hiring them, while giving the employee a chance to acclimate to the company and ensure a mutual “fit”. Contract-to-Hire allows you to hire staff quickly, without the normal processes associated with hiring a full time employee. This option provides you the expertise you need in the short term while allowing you the freedom to evaluate the person's suitability over a number of months. LTS absorbs the employment taxes, benefits, insurance and risk, while the employee works on-site for you, for as long as you like. Should you choose to convert the contractor to a full time employee, you will receive a discount on the full time placement fee based on the number of days already worked by the contractor.

** 90% of LTS Contactors are asked to stay on full-time.

Permanent  / Direct Hire

The candidate is fully employed by the client organization.

  • Reduce hiring risks. If you hire a candidate from LTS, and that person fails to perform up to your expectations within 90 days of employment, we will replace that person to your satisfaction or fully refund the placement fee.
  • Access to a vast network of highly-qualified candidates through a robust database of fully vetted, pre-screened candidates.

Why Work with LTS?

We believe that the best quality talent does not need to advertise itself, but simply needs to be discovered. At LTS, discovering top talent within the Electronic Discovery, Litigation Support, and Computer Forensics industry is our focus. Connecting this talent with career opportunities to grow and advance this industry is our passion.

Where Does LTS Find Their Candidates?

The majority of our talent pool does not publically advertise their potential candidacy.  The highest caliber talent comes to us through word-of-mouth recommendations and industry referrals. Unlike many staffing agencies, we do NOT scour job boards for obvious candidates. Instead, we probe deeper and locate individuals not actively on the market: Those who are already "making it happen" at their current company or firm. Many of these individuals work confidentially and exclusively with us.

How Well Does LTS Know This Industry?

One unique quality that distinctly separates LTS from any other staffing agency is the fact that we know this industry first-hand, from having worked in this industry ourselves. 30b(6) Consultation, sitting “hot seat” at trial, document review, data culling, de-duplication, MD5 hashing, SQL scripting - - these are tasks we have once performed. We have been on the “other side of the desk” and uniquely understand the demands and nuances of eDiscovery. Possessing a hands-on background in this specialized field enables us to screen our candidates at a deeper level than any other recruiting agency can. Our candidate screening process is rigorous and targeted to separating the “wheat from the chaff” when identifying top talent.

What Other Industries Does LTS Staff?

None. We are dedicated exlusively to staffing within the Litigation Support, Electronic Discovery and Computer Forensics industry. We pride ourselves in understanding this niche industry inside and out. We stay informed of mergers, acquisitions, new software releases, organizational shifts, technology implementations, and more. We know which firms and corporations are using Atlas, Exterro, Relativity, Ringtail, Concordance, Summation, Axcellerate, iConect, Autonomy, Clearwell, Documatrix, and more. We have an eye on this industry from a unique perspective, unlike any of our competitors. We don’t staff Nurses or Construction Workers. We don’t even staff Partners, Paralegals or Legal Assistants. We know what we are good at, and we are 100% focused in this highly specialized industry of Legal Technology.

Contact us today to discuss which Placement Specialty is the best solution for your organization’s needs: 310-374-1100.