Subject Matter Expertise

Connect to our worldwide network of Subject Matter Experts who are trained and experienced in handling all facets of Legal Technology. Whether your matter requires the assistance of an independent consultant, the immediate assistance of a temporary hire, or the addition of a permanent employee to your team, LTS can connect you with precisely the right talent.

Our candidates are versed in such matters as:

EDRM Best Practices

FRCP / 30b(6), 26(f), 34(a)

Early Case Assessment

Software Development

Data Preservation/Spoliation

Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention Analysis

IDS – Intrusion Detection Systems

Forensic Data Acquisitions/MD5 Hashing

Data Culling/Filtering/Scrubbing

Data Review/Analysis

Data Hosting/Indexing


Database Design/Implementation

Expert Witness Testimony

Metadata Extraction

Legal Holds


Custodian Interviews

Relevant/Privileged/Responsive ESI Identification

Trial Support

File Production (native, pdf, tiff, xml ,csv ,dat)

Data Mapping


Chain of Custody Protocols

Data Sampling

Boolean/Concept/Fuzzy/Bayesian/Proximity Searching Techniques

Repeatable/Defensible Processes

Project Management / Vendor Management

Records Retention/Email Archiving

Knowledge/Records Management

Foreign Document Translation