Why Work with LTS?

Why Work with LTS?

We believe that the best quality talent does not need to advertise itself, but simply needs to be discovered. At LTS, discovering top talent within the Electronic Discovery, Litigation Support, and Computer Forensics industry is our focus. Connecting this talent with career opportunities to grow and advance this industry is our passion.

Where Does LTS Find its Candidates?

The majority of our talent pool does not publically advertise their potential candidacy.  The highest caliber talent comes to us through word-of-mouth recommendations and industry referrals. Unlike many staffing agencies, we do not scour job boards for obvious candidates. Instead, we probe deeper and locate individuals not actively on the market: Those who are already "making it happen" at their current company or firm. Many of these individuals work confidentially and exclusively with us.

How Well Does LTS Know This Industry?

One unique quality that distinctly separates LTS from any other staffing agency is the fact that we know this industry first-hand, from having worked in this industry ourselves. 30b(6) Consultation, Sitting “hot seat” at trial, document review, data culling, de-duplication, MD5 hashing, SQL scripting - - these are tasks we have once performed. We have been on the “other side of the desk” and so we understand fully what is required in this industry. Possessing a hands-on background in this specialized field enables us to screen our candidates at a deeper level than any other recruiting agency can. Our candidate screening process is rigorous and targeted to separating the “wheat from the chaff” when identifying top talent.

What Other Industries Does LTS Staff?

None. We are dedicated exclusively to staffing within the Litigation Support, Electronic Discovery and Computer Forensics industry. We pride ourselves in understanding this explosive industry inside and out. We stay informed of mergers, acquisitions, new software releases, organizational shifts, technology implementations, and more. We know which firms and corporations are using Atlas, Exterro, Relativity, Ringtail, Concordance, Summation, Axcellerate, iConect, Autonomy, Clearwell, Documatrix, and more. We have an eye on this industry from a unique perspective, unlike any of our competitors. We don’t staff Nurses or Construction Workers. We don’t even staff Partners, Paralegals or Legal Assistants. We know what we are good at, and we are 100% focused in this highly specialized industry of Legal Technology.

Finding the right fit? Not all recruiters are alike.

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