Information Governance / Knowledge Management / Records Management

Information Governance / Knowledge Management / Records Management Jobs: It is widely accepted that a strong Electronic Discovery policy begins with a strong Records Management policy. Establishing a set of policies, procedures, processes and controls for managing a firm's or company's information are the responsibilities of those with jobs in Information Governance, Record Management, and Data Governance. These career opportunities are closely related to Knowledge Management, Records Management, Information Management, or Enterprise Content Management.

By establishing and enforcing policies consistent with how information is managed, stored, used and destroyed, serves to protect the organization from immediate and future regulatory and legal risk. The Information Governance and Records Management department typically works closely with the Information Security and Information Technology departments to identify the location of all information. Defining parameters around what information is retained, where it is stored, how long it is retained, who has access to it, how the data is protected, and how policies and regulations are enforced, falls upon the shoulders of those with Information Governance and Records Management jobs.

Building upon a background in Records Management, Information Technology, Information Security, or Paralegal Services can offer a great transition into Information Governance. Hiring for Information Governance and Records Management jobs dominates primarily in large law firm environments, however many opportunities are being created within large corporate environments. Since Federal and State Court rules now require companies to have data retention and preservation policies in place in order to better facilitate a potential litigation, career opportunities within the Information Governance field are becoming increasingly popular.