Law Firm Litigation Support

Law Firm Litigation Support

Law Firm Litigation Support Jobs: Litigation Support opportunities within a law firm environment usually consist of 3 primary roles:

* Litigation Support Analyst / Specialist

* Litigation Support Project Manager / Coordinator

* Litigation Support Manager / Director

Analysts and Specialists in litigation support are typically delegated to such tasks as creating and maintaining electronic discovery databases, performing OCR and QA, and general troubleshooting of technical issues. Productions and importing/exporting of data are consistent with these types of litigation support job roles. They usually have minimal interaction with clients, attorneys and outside counsel.

Project Managers and Coordinators oversee multiple projects simultaneously while performing in a liaison capacity between attorneys, case teams, outside vendors. Typical duties consist of providing strategic consulting relevant to EDRM best practices, outlining of project scope and workflow, software selection, defensible collection methodologies, optimized ESI processing and review workflows, litigation contingency and readiness planning, as well as day to day status updates. It is NOT uncommon for a firm to require Project Managers/Coordinators to be hands-on in as it relates to processing raw data. In light of current economic times, many firms are expecting more with less and as such, many litigation support job positions now require Project Managers to extract and populate metadata in addition to their regular duties.

Managers and Directors are the front lines of the department. They oversee the day-to-day operations and are tasked with talent acquisition, budgeting and forecasting, marketing, and overall profitability of the group. These litigation support job roles often require an evangelist mindset in order to obtain buy-in from key firm executive team members and partners as so to help justify the cost of technology, talent, and overall sustainability of the department. Since these litigation support job roles are just as much people management focused as they are Electronic Discovery focused, Directors are also responsible for furthering of their team's individual professional development and performance reviews.

If you have experience with a career in litigation support or are looking to pursue a career in the field, use our website to find available employment opportunities. Below you can search our Litigation Support job listings to locate a position as a litigation support professional within a law firm. Please also feel free to search for available positions within our e-discovery jobs section.