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Posted in News on 15.08.11

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Breaking news stories and business developments in the Electronic Discovery industry have a direct impact on the overall health of the jobs market. Mergers and acquisitions between law firms, vendors, and corporations impact hiring and downsizing decisions. Headline news stories where electronic evidence is called into play summon an immediate demand for Computer Forensic and Electronic Discovery talent. Depending on the nature of the case and where the evidence is stored, professionals with specific technology expertise may be recruited to assist. E-Discovery Software Manufacturers and Vendors may be brought in to offer their review, processing and production services, which creates the opportunity for more jobs. In a technology-driven era that is changing minute-by-minute, one thing is for certain - Staying current with Electronic Discovery industry news and updates can provide a clear forecast into the future of hiring trends. 

Review our recommended live industry news feeds for up-to-date information:

E-Discovery Journal ? A collaboration of Independent E-Discovery Expertise:
Law Technology News: Subsidiary of ALM Media, the industry's largest legal technology news journal. 
Kroll On Track: An E-Discovery Consulting Firm and Service Provider
Applied Discovery: an E-Discovery Division of Lexis Nexis which provides multinational collectionearly case assessment (ECA), data analyticsprocessingdocument review, and production services.
E-Discovery 2.0: Current news and events as published by Clearwell Systems/Symantec Inc.
Electronic Discovery Law: a blog on legal issues, news and best practices relating to the discovery of electronically stored information published by the eDiscovery Analysis and Technology Group at the Seattle-based law firm of K&L Gates.
E-Discovery Beat: published by Exterro, an E-Discovery Software Manufacturer specializing in legal holds software.
E-Discovery Law Review: summaries, events, news and analysis on electronic discovery issues, published by the Philadelphia-based law firm of Cozen O?Connor.
Electronic Discovery Reference Model: develops guidelines, sets standards and delivers resources to help e-discovery consumers and providers improve quality and reduce costs associated with e-discovery 
Yahoo! E-Discovery News: Search Results
US Department of Labor:

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