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Should I Consider Relocation?

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When searching for your next career move in the Legal Technology industry, it's important to remember one key component: Geography. Where you are and where you're looking can have a huge impact on the job you eventually find, and how much money you can earn. It is important to consider the upsides to where you're currently located, as well as the upside to packing your bags and relocating. Opening the geographic parameters of your job search can open many more doors of opportunity.

Interview Preparation Prepare for Success

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Initial interview preparation begins with self-assessment. Prior to the interview, re-examine your accomplishments, achievements, strengths, weaknesses, interests, abilities, skills, and work values. Think carefully about what you like and what you do not like about your current position, as well as what you liked and didn't like in previous positions.

Interview Preparation What to Bring to the Interview

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Think of this list as your portfolio survival kit. Your supplies: resume, references, and writing supplies. Carrying all of these documents in a portfolio always makes a professional impression.

Job Interview Attire Dress to Impress

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Although dress-down policies are becoming the norm, it’s still best to stick to a smart suit. You’ll be judged on your attitude as well as your appearance, so greet your interviewer with a firm handshake, make eye contact, and flash them a winning smile.