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When it comes to job placement success stories, there are many reasons why a job change is desired, or required, within the Electronic DiscoveryLitigation Support and Computer Forensics industry. For some, there may be a compelling personal reason to change employers – or even your geographic location. Perhaps you want to raise your children in a more “family friendly” area. Or maybe you need to be more available to your extended family, or to be closer to elderly parents or in-laws.  For some, a job change can result in accelerated career growth, leading you to a promotion, or the opportunity to earn more money. Regardless of your personal circumstances or underlying desire for a job change, the fact of the matter is that change is good. Changing jobs gives you a broader base of experience, a more varied background, and exposure to different and newer technology tools, best practices and E-Discovery practice environments. Each job placement change should result in higher earning potential (notwithstanding market differentials) which varies across the United States. For more information on how your geographic location can impact your career opportunities, review our Candidate Resources section, “Should I Consider Relocation?

You should always be sure that your new job placement offers you the opportunity to satisfy your personal and professional values.  As advocates of career advancement, LTS has been instrumental in helping hundreds of E-Discovery, Litigation Support and Computer Forensic professionals move onward and upward toward achieving their personal and professional goals.

Detailed below are just a few examples of “big moves” and job placements that LTS has helped orchestrate in order to bring families together and advance careers within the Legal Technology industry.

Candidate Success Stories: Big Moves Candidate Success Stories: Big Moves

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LTS has been responsible for some big career changes and employment opportunities in lives around the country. Here are some ‘Big Moves’ that LTS has helped orchestrate in order to bring together families and advance career opportunities.

Candidate Success Story: Frank

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The firm is thrilled to find someone with Frank’s level of experience, and Frank is relieved to find an opportunity so close to his parent’s home. An offer of employment is extended, and Frank is able to make the immediate move down to New Orleans.

Candidate Success Story: Kevin

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1 month after the initial telephone interview, Kevin has made a cross-country trek traveling nearly 3,000 miles from Philadelphia, PA to Seattle, WA. He is settling into his new position, making new friends, and feeling challenged. He is already learning new technology tools, and his employer is paying for his continuing education technology certification.

Candidate Success Story: Jeff

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Jeff moved his family 2,058 miles from San Francisco, CA to St. Louis, MO. They discovered that they could buy a bigger home for their growing family in St. Louis, and were immediately welcomed into the community. 3 years later, Jeff’s children have made new friends, are excelling in school, and Jeff has been promoted within his department.

Our work demands too much of our time and life commitment to settle for a job that no longer challenges us. If you are starting to feel “burned out” or uninterested in your work, it may be time to begin exploring new career options that bring the excitement back into your career and your life. Whether your desire for a change stems from personal circumstances or professional aspirations, LTS can be a strategic partner in making your next career move a success.

Contact one of our experienced LTS career counselors today to discuss what opportunities may be available to you. Rest assured that all correspondence with LTS is maintained in strict confidence. Call today: 310-374-1100. To view our active jobs, click Job Listings.

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