Candidate Success Stories: Big Moves

Candidate Success Stories: Big Moves

Here are some other ‘Big Moves’ that LTS has helped orchestrate:

  • 2,047 mile move from Jacksonville, FL to Phoenix, AZ – for an opportunity to advance his career by working in a larger, more challenging environment, with newer technology tools.
  • 2,839 mile move from Seattle, WA to New York, NY – for an opportunity to work in a more client-facing consulting position, and to relocate closer to family.
  • 1,257 mile move from Seattle, WA to San Diego, CA for an opportunity to advance his career, working within a law firm environment as opposed to his vendor-only career experience.
  • 2,051 mile move from Chicago, IL to Seattle, WA for an opportunity to advance into a management position.
  • 2,249 mile move from Vienna, VA to Houston, TX to work within a large law firm environment, and to relocate with his spouse, whose position was recently transferred to Houston.
  • 4,213 mile move from Los Angeles, CA to Richmond, VA for an opportunity to live closer to family.
  • 3,848 mile move from Columbia, SC to Los Angeles, CA – for an opportunity to work for a Fortune 500 Corporate in-house eDiscovery department.
  • 3,705 mile move from Phoenix, AZ to Washington, DC – for an opportunity to relocate closer to her daughter.
  • 1,749 mile move from Orlando, FL to New York, NY – for an opportunity to move into a leadership position in a bigger metropolitan city.
  • 3,063 mile move from Houston, TX to Palo Alto, CA – for an opportunity to advance his career by re-uniting with one of his previous law firm employers, thus making a second tour of duty at the same firm.

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