Counteroffer? – Avoid Career Suicide!



Thinking of accepting a counteroffer? Consider this first:

Counteroffer? – Avoid Career Suicide!

“Flight Risk”

Counteroffers are typically nothing more than an “alert” to your employer that it’s time to search for your replacement. Why? Because you are a loyalty risk. By threatening to leave them for another company, you have demonstrated a lack of fidelity. You will henceforth be regarded with suspicion. More than likely, your boss didn’t make that counteroffer because he/she wants to have you around forevermore. Rather, they just haven’t identified anyone who can fill your shoes at the moment. Once a suitable replacement is found, you’ll be persona non grata.

Statistics are not in your favor.

The National Business Employment Weekly reports that four out of five people who accept counter-offers are gone within the year — either through resignation or termination. Rest assured that your employer will assume you’ll look again. What kind of future can you expect at a company that doesn’t trust you?

Are you settling for temporary pain relief?

Ask yourself WHY you wanted to leave the job in the first place. Chances are, those reasons still exist. The counter-offer is only temporarily pain relief. Conditions are just a bit more tolerable in the short term because of the raise, promotion or promises made to keep you, but the issues that caused you to search in the first place will still exist. Counter-offers are only made in response to a threat to quit. Will you have to solicit an offer and threaten to quit every time you deserve better working conditions? Who wants to work for a company where you have to get an outside offer before the boss will come up with a raise or a promotion? The time to leave is when YOU are ready to go, not when your boss is ready to get rid of you.

Brighter days ahead!

Just as there are reasons for leaving your current company, you have seen significant opportunities at your new company – or you would not have explored the opportunity to begin with. It may seem easier and feel more comfortable to stay in the old nest. Like any venture into the unknown, a job change is tough, but remember that greater opportunities lie ahead. Even when a position is easy and comfortable for you, if it is not a good fit for your success patterns, you’re settling for less. Bottom line — don’t settle for less in your career. Our work involves too much of our time and lives to settle for a complacent, boring or non-challenging position. Create an action plan to move forward!

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