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Electronic discovery jobs are becoming more common as in-house positions, since Federal and State Court rules now require companies to have data retention and preservation policies in place in order to better facilitate a potential litigation.  Corporations are scrambling to implement these new polices and strategize readiness plans, which means more job openings for experienced electronic discovery professionals. Corporations can seek the assistance of outside counsel for advice; however it often becomes a strain on the firm’s personnel and can be expensive making it common sense to bring their electronic discovery jobs in-house.

What industries are hiring for electronic discovery jobs?

Industries involved in frequent litigation are leading the corporate world in implementing in-house Electronic Discovery departments. Corporations making an effort to become more Electronic Discovery compliant, thus avoiding potential sanctions, are those corporations (public and private) which fall within such arenas as:

  • pharmaceutical
  • financial
  • accounting
  • insurance
  • technology
  • energy, to name a few.

The primary justification for such a company to hire for Electronic Discovery jobs internally is that they anticipate heavy litigation and see it as a more cost effective solution than outsourcing to outside counsel and vendors. 

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