E-Discovery Is an Emerging Market

E-Discovery Is an Emerging Market

E-Discovery Is an Emerging Market

Here are a few E-Discovery tips about the industry: We live in an era of electronic communication that is increasing at an explosive rate.  Consider these simple statistics:*

  • Every second, 2.8 million emails are being sent and received around the world.
  • It is expected that we will send over 7 trillion text messages this year. 
  • A small thumb drive can store nearly 6 million pages.
  • A single desktop hard drive can hold the equivalent of 40 million pages.
  • 90% of all documents generated are produced in electronic format.

*(The International Telecommunications Union)

Is it any wonder then, why Electronic Discovery (eDiscovery) has quickly become of one of today’s fastest growing industries?

While there are numerous industry-related training and certification programs available for a fee, there is –to date – no formal college or university accredited degree curriculum for Electronic Discovery or Litigation Support. As a result, most training is on-the-job. While getting a ‘foot in the door’ can be the biggest challenge for entry into this industry, LTS has identified some e-discovery tips for helping you get your first “big break” into this growing career field:

1. Do your homework before investing in an E-Discovery Certification Program, and carefully weigh which training and certifications can truly help advance your career.

2. Study and understand all aspects of the EDRM and FRCP (Federal Rules of Civil Procedure), and their "real world" application to eDiscovery.

3. Stay current with trends in the market, be proactive, and self-educate.

4. Get Involved in the eDiscovery community; both nationally and on a local level.

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