It can be challenging to "break into" Litigation Support and/or E-Discovery without being pigeonholed as only a "Document Review Attorney", a "Techie with law firm experience" or a "Paralegal who happens to have a knack for technology".

Document Review experience is valuable, however it's really only one aspect of the EDRM (Review), and most hiring authorities are looking for someone with experience in ALL aspects of the EDRM (from Information Management to Presentation).

Having a technical background (such as in Computer Science, User Support, IT, Help Desk, etc..) will give you an edge in picking up the technology quickly, but technical skills alone won't always get you the job. Good communication skills, people skills and the ability to interface and consult with attorneys is an integral part the Litigation Support profession.

Paralegal experience and an understanding of the Litigation Lifecycle alone isn't enough to "cut it" in E-Discovery. Consider getting certified in a software technology tool utilized by your firm or corporation. Technology software exams are designed to test your level of knowledge in the particular technology tool itself.  

You may also want to consider enrolling in an E-Discovery Certification Program, but before fully engaging with any particular organization that offers a certification course, be sure to do your homework on the organization itself.

Choose Your E-Discovery Certifications Wisely!


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