Telephone Interview Tips



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Telephone Interview Tips

Research – Prior to the phone call, research the company and their website at length.

Privacy Please – Schedule the interview at a time and number where you can be alone and talk freely. If AT ALL possible, DO NOT conduct a phone interview using a cell phone. Land lines receive clearer reception and allow for a better quality conversation.

Resume at the Ready – Be sure to have your resume in front of you so you can follow along with your background as the interviewer asks you questions. For more advice on great resumes, visit our resume tips section.

Why Are You Interviewing? – Know the reason why you would like to work at the company.

Know Your Strengths – Have a list of accomplishments and pertinent skills in front of you and know why you are the right fit for the job. If you cannot articulate this you may not get to the face to face interview.

Be Honest – Answer questions as directly as possible. If you do not know, be honest and say so. Be candid, friendly, cheerful, and courteous. Confident, but not arrogant. If you sense that the other person wants to do the majority of the talking – let them. People like others who are interested in hearing them talk!

Next Step? – At the end of the interview, try to get a face to face interview. Ask, “what is the next step?” before hanging up the call.

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