Is Working Remote a Good Option?



Working Remotely

Work remote positions generally are not the best opportunities for the motivated career-driven professional. Since you’re usually working in a solo location, or even from your home, the environmental challenges and team comradery just are not there. You will lose out on face time with attorneys and clients, as well as opportunities to provide immediate hands-on support.

Although no one necessarily welcomes a last minute production request or enjoys being thrown into the “lion’s den”, these experiences are what help Litigation Support and eDiscovery professionals grow in their careers.  ‘Out of sight’ may mean ‘out of mind’ when new opportunities for advancement or promotion open up.

Also, without visibility in the office, you may feel obligated to work twice as hard as your colleagues who go into the office every day, just to prove that working from home doesn’t mean that you’re lazy. Although the temptation to work in your robe and slippers every day is temping, you may find that achieving a home/work life balance is easier said than done.

Although work remote positions may seem like a cost savings solution for the company (and for you), the hard truth is that when budget cuts roll around, it is much easier to “let go” of someone who isn’t in the office anyway. In general, work remote positions are not a wise career move for the ambitious Legal Technology professional.

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