Bill Kraus

VP, Government Solutions

Bill Kraus is a former Naval Aviator with over 30 years of leadership experience and 17 years’ experience as a consultant in the Information Technology, Military Engineering, Business Process, CRM and SAAS marketplaces; serving various Military and Civilian clients. 

Information Technology Executive with broad knowledge of Enterprise level IT initiatives. Extensive application of private sector solutions to Federal Government, especially Department of Defense, IT challenges. Experienced Capture/Program Manager, skilled in all phases of the project life cycle, from initial feasibility analysis and conceptual design through implementation and enhancement.

Key core competencies include:

  • Strategic and Operational Technology Planning
  • Global IT Delivery Planning
  • IT Infrastructure Design and Implementation
  • Emerging Technologies SAAS and On Demand
  • Leadership, Team building and Team Morale
  • IT Skills Gap Analysis
  • Capture Manager and Proposal Manager for responses to Federal Requests for Proposals

Inspirational Leader that has an imaginative and infectious leadership style fostering high morale and loyalty within his teams.  He is an expert at identifying new business opportunities, fostering client trust, building award winning teams and managing partner relationships. 

Before joining LTS, Mr. Kraus held management and executive roles at CSC, Astadia, Technodyne and Abnology and is a Co-founder and former COO for ScaleMatrix; an innovative San Diego based data center.  Bill has a Bachelor’s degree from California State University @ Sacramento and a Master’s degree from Webster University.

  • (760) 884-6621
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