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Who We Are

Next level service. Unparalleled experience.

We have recruiters who hail from major and mid-size firms and in-house legal departments giving you a tremendous advantage from an insiders perspective.

In today’s increasingly competitive and constantly-evolving market for talent, successful law firms and corporate legal departments know that effectively sourcing and securing the best talent is essential to maximizing both client satisfaction and bottom line revenue. Along the same lines, a motivated candidate may need to explore career opportunities outside of their current position to gain progressively responsible experience in their chosen field. Recognizing the crucial role our team plays in simultaneously representing prospective employers and potential job seekers, LTS’ value proposition is focused on introducing and connecting exceptional talent to respected companies and prominent law firms. This is next level service, unparalleled experience.

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Why LTS?

A few of our key strengths:

  • Specialized focus. We embody a core focus of legal support recruitment encompassing all skills and jobs.
  • Reputation and Trust. Trust and credibility are crucial in the legal industry - ours is second to none.
  • Customized Solutions. We provide tailored engagement options spanning temporary, permanent hire and executive placement services.

The Way To Go

Why LTS Is The Right Choice


Unmatched Network

Our firm has an extensive and diverse network of reputable clients across various firms and corporate legal departments, giving us access to a wide range of job opportunities for our candidates.


Personalized Approach

We take the time to understand your unique skills, interests, and career goals, and tailor our job placements accordingly. Our personalized approach ensures that you are matched with the right job that aligns with your aspirations.


Competitive Compensation

We understand the importance of fair compensation. Our jobs offer competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits packages, ensuring that you are fairly rewarded for your skills and expertise.

Dedicated To Legal Search

Our Core Focus

A search firm catered to the legal support community.

The clients and candidates we represent are the true foundation of our success. We owe that success, in part, due to these two core values:

01Ethical Conduct

We operate with confidentiality, compliance, integrity, and honest communication at the forefront of every interaction.

02Quality and Excellence

We strive for continuous improvement, setting high standards, and delivering quality results that meet or exceed client and candidate expectations.

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