Information Governance

Are you ready for the challenge of Electronic Records Management in the 21st Century?

Information Governance

Information Governance goes beyond retention and disposition to include privacy, access controls, and other compliance issues. 

Information Governance includes consideration of how this data is held and controlled for eDiscovery, and also provides a platform for defensible disposition and compliance. Additionally, metadata often accompanies electronically stored data and can be of great value to the enterprise if stored and managed correctly.

Many industry experts believe that although the United States is leading the way in Electronic Discovery, Australia and the European Union are far more prepared in the way of Records Management and Information Governance.

One of the most widely used IG tools in Europe is the NHS Information Governance Toolkit used by over 30,000 organizations in England.

In the U.S., Information Governance was given national recognition in November, 2011 when The White House ordered an overhaul of current records management processes within the government to encompass current needs more comprehensively.


 Our Information Governance solutions include:

  • Maintain regulatory compliance policies and procedures.
  • Implementation of MDM (Master Data Management) Systems.
  • Adherence to (SOA) Service Oriented Architecture.
  • Maintain quality of data and ensure ROI of data.
  • Implementation of information ow policies.
  • Data definition design and creation.
  • Creation, implementation, and enforcement of risk controls.
  • Securitization, prioritization and privatization of corporate data.
  • Data access management system design.
  • Create executive decision-making policies.